About Little Learners

Little Learners Pre-School is a premier kindergarten, childcare and enrichment centre with almost 2 decades of excellence. We aim for each child to look forward to spending the day with us and to experience the adventure and fun in learning with us. We realize that each child has a unique way of learning. Each family has individual needs too, and so, we have planned half, full day programmes and afternoon care programmes with flexible timings to suit everyone.

Our success proven programmes, planned by early childhood experts, exceed the national guidelines in Malaysia. Strong emphasis is given to English, Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia and Mathematics. Recognizing the unique strengths of each child, we use them to help your child meet high expectations and enter school with the skills and desire to solve problems and work with others equipped with the belief in themselves. Our curriculum empowers children to become critical thinkers, creative learners, confident and ready for school.

We believe that learning is an adventure. Children come to school with an enormous capacity to learn, and it is our responsibility to ensure their years with us are well spent and have developed a passion for lifelong learning.

Visit Little Learners

We would love to show you around our school! Feel free to contact us and set up a convent time for your visit.