Recognizing your child’s unique needs, our programmes engage every through the five senses and a hybrid of these illustrious educationists’ schools of thoughts: Thematic learning, Multiple Intelligences, (Prof Howard Gardener, Harvard University) and the Montessori Method (Maria Montessori).

Each classroom has specialized rich-learning centres or activity corners, in which your child will enjoy teacher-guided but self-directed investigations and learning experiences in constructing and discovering knowledge on their own. Here your child develops independence, self-confidence and learns to learn.

Enrichment Programme

Primary 1 Preparatory

Children will go through important concepts and topics through hands on activities.  Worksheets will be used as reinforcement.  New topics in Primary 1 format will also be introduced.  Children are exposed to various topics through discussions and experiments (hands on activities).  Children will enjoy new discoveries and motivated to learn more.

Little Readers & Writers

Readers – Children will begin reading using The Montessori Phonics Scheme. Children will also be exposed to sight words and vocabulary to access their reading level.  They will be using a set of reading books accordingly to their appropriate reading stage.  They will also be accessed on their level of understanding.
Writers – Children will enjoy the various ways of expressing their ideas such as mind-mapping, brainstorming and worksheets will be used as reinforcement.  Besides enjoying the fun activities, they will allow children to explore and let their creativity flow.

Age GroupFull Day
( 8.00am-5.30pm )
Half Day
( 8.00am-12.00nn )
Nursery Around 4 years oldRM500RM280
Kindergarten 1 / 25 / 6 years oldRM500RM280
Afternoon ProgrammeAge Group( 1.00pm – 5.30pm )( 1.00pm – 5.30pm )
Pre-School4 – 6 years oldRM230

Parent Workshop

Parent workshops are planned from time to time.