Recognizing your child’s unique needs, our programmes engage every through the five senses and a hybrid of these illustrious educationists’ schools of thoughts: Thematic learning, Multiple Intelligences, (Prof Howard Gardener, Harvard University) and the Montessori Method (Maria Montessori).

Each classroom has specialized rich-learning centres or activity corners, in which your child will enjoy teacher-guided but self-directed investigations and learning experiences in constructing and discovering knowledge on their own. Here your child develops independence, self-confidence and learns to learn.

Enrichment Programme

Primary 1 Preparatory

Children will go through important concepts and topics through hands on activities.  Worksheets will be used as reinforcement.  New topics in Primary 1 format will also be introduced.  Children are exposed to various topics through discussions and experiments (hands on activities).  Children will enjoy new discoveries and motivated to learn more.

Little Readers & Writers

Readers – Children will begin reading using The Montessori Phonics Scheme. Children will also be exposed to sight words and vocabulary to access their reading level.  They will be using a set of reading books accordingly to their appropriate reading stage.  They will also be accessed on their level of understanding.
Writers – Children will enjoy the various ways of expressing their ideas such as mind-mapping, brainstorming and worksheets will be used as reinforcement.  Besides enjoying the fun activities, they will allow children to explore and let their creativity flow.

Parent Workshop

Parent workshops are planned from time to time.