At Little Learners, we have tailored learning programmes
for chidren aged 18 months to 6 years

18 months to 2 years old


3 & 4 years old


5 & 6 years old


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Our Healthy Meals


What makes
Little Learners

Little Learners Preschool was designed from ground up, and opened in Kuching under the consultancy of Early Childhood experts from Singapore.

We remain true to our brand and convictions. We believe in keeping our fees affordable for the space and environment that your child enjoys. Our team sees your child as the miraculous being he or she is, to be respected and loved before he is to be taught.

What we

Fine & holistic learning environment

Spacious and well-designed preschool

Great outdoor space

Fresh and well-balanced meals

Little Families App that allow you to stay closely connected to your child


What our families say about us

The teachers are very loving and affectionate with the children. They have lots of energy and
enthusiasm and work hard at developing the children’s social skills and confidence. As far as I am
concerned, good social skills and confidence are of great importance to a child.

Dr. Bala

We’ve had three children at Little Learners Preshool, and we feel so fortunate to have this great school
in our neighborhood. There is lots of learning especially the 3 languages, and creativity with arts and crafts and
pretend play. They learn how to best respect their teachers and fellow students. The teachers are warm and caring
and really seem to love to teach this young age group. we think it’s just a great place for children to be at.

Mr and Mrs Lim

Little Learners is a loving preschool that will nurture your child.
I have been nothing but pleased with the school, and the progress my child has made and desire and passion
to attend school and be with his teachers. I would Highly recommend this preschool to all parents.

Mrs Rose Franklin

The teachers at Little learners are very kind. They truly care about each child and learn what makes
your child unique. My child is very shy and when she had a rough morning they could tell immediately and took
extra effort to welcome her and get her excited for the school day. My daughter absolutely loved
preschool and even asked if her teachers could please go with her to Primary School.
Thank you Teachers.

Puan Rosita Osman

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