Your child’s lifelong learning journey starts here.

Research shows your child’s first five years are the most influential for their learning and development. It is in the early years of life that brain growth occurs most quickly, with multitudes of new connections being made every day. At Little Learners, we understand the importance of early brain development and have created an ethos that promotes a holistic approach to childcare.

Our educators are committed to nurturing the minds of young children during their fundamental early years by enhancing and instilling a love of learning that leads to growth, ability and resilience.

Integral to all we do, is the importance of nurturing each child as a whole. At Little Learners, we recognise that children’s wellbeing forms the basis of their early experiences. We encourage positive development of children’s intellectual, physical, emotional, and social wellbeing. A happy child is a happy learner.

Play is the
highest form of research

Albert Einstein

Purposeful Play

Children learn best when they learn through play that engages the 5 senses. At Little Learners, we create experiences for children to engage in Purposeful Play, both indoor and outdoor.

Play experiences can range from free play to highly structured play. Purposeful play involves intentional planning and facilitation of children’s play to achieve intended learning outcomes.

Through Purposeful Play, your child learns

Social Connectivity

Emotional Confidence

Foundational Learning

Physical Health & Well Being

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